THE slogan 'Vorsprung Durch Technik' is unlikely to feature in any of the adverts, but Diageo is citing German technology as the reason for its controversial decision to manufacture a new version of Baileys Irish Cream on the continent, instead of Ireland.

Baileys Glide, a less creamy blend of the original liqueur with a lighter texture and a much lower alcohol content, will be produced in Germany because, apparently, the technology required to mix the liqueur is currently not available in Ireland.

It will be the first time that Baileys, the world's top-selling liqueur, has been produced outside Ireland. Baileys has been made in Dublin for almost 30 years and recently opened a new 64m Belfast plant as part of a major expansion plan.

The introduction of Baileys Glide is aimed at increasing consumption of the liqueur in everyday occasions. Baileys Glide will be launched in Britain next month and will be available in the Irish market next year.