TWO 25-YEAR-OLD men aredue to appear before Laganside Magistrates court tomorrow in connection with the murder of an Asian woman, whose body was found in the boot of a car in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Police in Belfast charged one of the men with murder and unlawful imprisonment while the second man was charged with unlawful imprisonment and assisting offenders.

Earlier, police had revealed at a press conference in Belfast that the identity of the strangled woman remained a mystery.

Although Detective Chief Superintendent Derek Williamson said he was aware of speculation linking the crime to a kidnap threat involving Triad gangs, he said there was no evidence that the murder was connected to any gangland plot. It was also revealed that one of the two men in custody had a relationship with the woman.

The woman known at this stage as 'Tina', travelled by coach from Dublin last Monday and arrived in Belfast at 9pm. Police on both sides of the border are examining CCTV footage in bus depots in Belfast and Dublin for clues that may identify the woman.