GOOD WEEK: Ben Affleck has been invited to meet the parents of Jennifer Garner.

He was invited to her hometown of Charleston this week, to attend her friend's birthday party and meet her mum and dad.

The couple have been dating for the past three months and have even declared their "undying love" for each other. The pair first sparked rumours of romance in August when Ben visited Jennifer on the Canadian set of her new movie, Elektra. However, Ben is refusing to comment on the relationship. "I speak on behalf of a beleaguered America, " he said. "This is enough." Yes, yes. But really. Is it another Bennifer?

BAD WEEK: Jessie Wallace has managed to incur the wrath of fashion guru Trinny Woodall, who this week said Jessie's fake tan has turned her into a "beacon of orangeness". Trinny said the EastEnders star is one of many celebrities ruining their look with fake tan. "It does more to ruin a woman's beauty than any product I know, " she said. "It makes their face bland, dirty, promotes spots and looks unhealthy. She has such naturally beautiful skin but, because she works such incredibly long hours, resorts to fake tan as an easy fix, " she said. "You lose sight of what colour you've become. You still think you're pale when in fact you're a beacon of orangeness."