AS if Jennifer Aniston didn't have enough problems to contend with (what with her husband running off with one of the most beautiful women in the world and all that), now some lowlife has crawled out of the woodwork and is selling her teenage love letters on eBay.

Michael Baroni, a California lawyer, claims he met Aniston when she was 15 and studying at the New York School Of Performing Arts. He claims the pair had a summer fling and he is now attempting to sell the letters and notes that Aniston allegedly wrote to him.

Among the items for sale are a piece of paper with Aniston's name and number written in lipstick and a birthday card she allegedly made from toilet roll. Baroni claims the pair continued as friends until Aniston's career began to take off in 1991, when they lost touch. Baroni said:

"She was very fun and lively, a loving kind of person. I think the materials show an innocent look into someone I think is very endearing."

We might believe Baroni was selflessly trying to show the world this side of Aniston had he not slapped a $100,000 reserve on the items.