MY husband Mark and I run Brown Sugar, the hair and beauty place on South William Street, so we both work hard, six days a week.

When Sundays come along, it's time to relax and really make the most of the day.

I'm not really into going out on a Saturday night, I've done the clubbing thing and, to be honest, I hate going to noisy places where you can't chat with people. Most of my socialising now revolves around food . . . eating out or at friends' houses. Or some of the girls might come in to Brown Sugar to get their make-up done, but we'll end up sitting out on the decked area at the back of the shop with a bottle of wine and never make it any further!

I like to get up relatively early on a Sunday. I'll have a bit of a lie-in in the morning . . . until about 9.30 . . . but get restless after that. If I'm lucky, Mark will be up before me and will make breakfast.

I don't like breakfast in bed . . .

too many crumbs in the duvet . . . so we'll eat downstairs, whilst reading the papers.

Once up and about, it's off to Donnabate strand to walk the dogs. We have two Staffordshire terriers and bringing them out in the morning is Mark's favourite part of the day. With weather like it is at the moment I'm not always quite so enthusiastic, so I might stay in the car reading a book. Or else I'll wrap up warm and chase the cobwebs away.

At lunchtime, we head over to see Mark's dad for a big, traditional Sunday dinner. Mark's sister Kerry has just had a little girl, so we love to get over as often as possible. I really love cooking, especially with others . . . I find it so relaxing and so I'll often volunteer to do lunch, usually with Kerry.

The meal could take a long, long time, but that's what we enjoy, lots of chats around the table, I am a complete chocolate monster, so lunch might be followed with some dessert, or I may indulge in one of those Green & Black bars.

I'm trying to be a bit more balanced in my eating since seeing a nutritionist about my bad diet . . . I used to eat lots of the wrong stuff, or completely forget to eat at all. Now, I try and graze every few hours.

We'll spend most of the afternoon in Rathfarnham, then in the early evening we might head into town. Our friends own the Phoenix Cafe on the Millennium Walkway, so we'll often pop in there for a glass of wine, or else go around to my mother who lives near our home in Swords.

Sunday work is occasional and when it comes around it's no bother. I really enjoy what I do . . . it's creative, always different and engages me. Okay, if work comes up on a Sunday it means I don't get a day off, but it could be a hair show, something with Samantha Mumba or a shoot, so it's usually enjoyable.

Whatever happens, we have to be home for CSI at 9.30. It's probably the only Sunday telly we'll actually watch, in bed, until we doze off . . . ready for another week.