A LOT of investment websites out there could be described as one man bands. Now one has gone a step further with what could be described as a one-bond man.

Adviser Gerard Sheehy, who's also behind PRSA. ie, has set up www. bond. ie.

It sells just one low-cost product: Standard Life's Portfolio Investment Bond.

Sheehy says every quarterpercent charge costs a typical investor two grand. * Many companies charge up to eight times that in management charges . . . plus entry and/or exit charges. Standard's offering here, however, has no entry or exit charges.

"Over 20 of the funds available have a charge of just 1%, including passive and actively managed funds and those investing in equities, property, government bonds and cash, " he says.

To celebrate the site's launch, Sheehy is offering to reduce this even more by paying a rebate of 0.10 % every year for all policies taken up before the end of May.

* Based on an investment of 50,000 over 10 years.