January 16, 2011
VOL 28 NO 3
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The classical pianist James Rhodes treats people who approach him in the street with a smile, a shrug, an excitable patter that exudes familiarity and warmth. Cab drivers enquire about future concerts, pensioners doff their ... more
CD of the Week - Anna Calvi
Welcome to the stormy twilight of a flamenco-inspired drama, a frantically woozy battle between David Lynch and Tarantino, a choreographed mass brawl encompassing Nick Cave and Piaf, Hendrix and Harvey. This twentysomething electric guitarist and remarkably soulful singer sets 2011 on fire with her debut co-produced by Rob Ellis. While ... more
My Fantasy Band - Alex Paterson, The Orb
Vocals: Louis Armstrong, Harry Nilsson and Sister Sledge

Louis Armstrong has the best voice in the world, Harry Nilsson writes the best songs and Sister Sledge do the best harmonies. I love disco, I love Harry Nilsson and I love Louis Armstrong and that's good enough for me.

Guitar ... more
Music Review - Various Artists
Just one small part of the Loretta synergy that's cracklin' on a variety of media platforms in 2011: a 12-track symposium on the multifarious ways in which America's finest don't do Loretta anything like as well as Loretta did herself; from Gretchen Wilson, via Lee Ann Womack ... more
Music Review - The Sand Band
Since the break-up of Oasis, Noel Gallagher has been quietly working on new material with one David McDonnell, lead singer of Liverpool's the Sand Band. But here's the surprising thing: in place of the Beatles, the Sand Band's sound is in thrall to Calexico, Elliott Smith, Big ... more
Classical Review - Akademie Fur Alte Musik Berlin
Bach's great unfinished work has been subjected to many realisations, the original keyboard exercises applied to recorder, saxophone, woodwind and string interpretations. Most arrangements stick to one section of the orchestral palette but this German ensemble imbue the methodical counterpoints with new life by sharing them between strings and ... more
Jazz Review - Trichotomy
The post-EST piano trio sector is a crowded one and Australia's Trichotomy conform to type with a bright, rock-influenced sound that emphasises the equal interplay of bass and drums with Sean Foran's piano.On this second Naim album, the style is heard to best effect on catchy opener ... more


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