Rioters rampaged through Athens and the northern city of Thessaloniki today, hurling Molotov cocktails, burning stores and blocking city streets with flaming barricades after protests against the fatal police shooting of a teenager erupted into chaos. Youths wearing hoods smashed storefronts and cars in Athens. Riot police responded with tear gas while the fire department rushed to extinguish blazes. Today's riots broke out during demonstrations moving toward the police headquarters in Thessaloniki and Athens. Interior Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos promised there would be a thorough investigation into the teenager's death and pledged to punish anyone found responsible. The two officers involved in the shooting have been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation, as has the police chief in the Exarchia precinct. Police said the riots left 24 policemen injured, with one remaining in hospital today. Six people were arrested, five of them for theft from damaged stores and one for carrying a weapon.