Michael Jackson's mother today agreed a custody deal for his two eldest children with their mother. Her lawyer Londell McMillan refused to reveal details, but reports said Katherine Jackson will keep custody of Prince Michael, 12, and Paris-Michael, 10, while Deborah Rowe will get visiting and parental rights. Katherine Jackson , 79, and Ms Rowe, 50, also agreed to hire a child psychologist to advise them on how, when and where visits should take place, the Los Angeles Times said. Mr McMillan has previously said any agreement will be in the best interest of Jackson's children. Jackson, who died on June 25 at age 50, was the sole parent to his three children. He was married to Ms Rowe, but both had described the relationship as borne out of a friendship and said that she had given birth to his two oldest children as a "gift" to Jackson. They divorced after Paris-Michael was born and Ms Rowe was largely absent in her children's lives. His third child, seven-year-old Prince Michael II, known as Blanket, was born to a surrogate and the mother's identity has never been revealed.