Jade Goody has been given less than four weeks to live according to a lawyer for her husband Jack Tweed. The cancer stricken television personality was recovering in hospital following surgery to ease pain in her bowel as 21 year old Tweed was convicted of assaulting a taxi driver. Epping Magistrates Court was told by lawyer Tania Panagiotopoulou that Tweed has been caring for his wife who has been given less than four weeks to live. Taxi driver Stephen Wilkins told the court that Tweed had grabbed him around the neck and threatened to stab him as he drove his cab at approx. 50 mph in the early hours of May 5th.last. Tweed denied the offence and said he had been 'stupid drunk' on the night following a day's drinking and had no memory of the incident. Magistrates said they found Mr. Wilkins to be a credible witness and adjourned sentence until March 26th. but warned Tweed that they were considering a custodial sentence.