David Wenger, lead investigator: ghost-busting

'I placed the ad for two reasons. Firstly, we need more cases to continue our research into the paranormal and, secondly, we want to help people. Our group aims to find an explanation for what most people think is paranormal activity and seek the truth through science.

"Since we began our investigations in 2004, we've helped lots of people with paranormal and unexplained phenomena in their homes and businesses. In the vast majority of cases we have been able to satisfactorily find a natural cause for an apparently paranormal event. We don't employ psychics or sensitives in our investigations because this would conflict with our scientific ethos. But that doesn't mean we disapprove of such methods; it's just different. If a client wants help that we cannot provide then we will put them in contact with a priest or medium.

"I don't tend to get scared because I believe that it's not the dead you have to worry about; it's the living. But one of scariest things that ever happened to me was when I was a child and I shared a bedroom with my twin brother. We used to hear footsteps in the middle of the night. Or hear a voice that had no body attached to it. I truly believe there is a presence in my parents' home, which does not approve of my brother or I being there. To this very day I feel threatened if I enter my old bedroom. So I suppose I've always had this nagging feeling in the back of my mind to try to explain things that happened to me, as a child and young adult.

"I've been a stay-at-home dad for the last five years but will be returning to work soon. I'll probably do something in event security. My family understands and supports my part-time investigations because I'm helping people. My daughter even watches paranormal shows on TV and ends up pointing out what they are doing wrong. I often speak to my mother about it and she's not surprised that I have pursued this hobby, considering everything I used to tell her as a child.

"I spend most nights on the computer researching or answering emails and monitoring our forum. There is so much interest out there in paranormal events and most people have a story to tell.

"A lot of people support what we are doing because they know after talking to us that we are not a bunch of charlatans running around in the dark. These people ask questions and have usually had experiences before or have done a bit of research on the paranormal themselves.

"I won't bash shows like Most Haunted but I don't agree with their methods. There is a huge difference between what they do and what we do. I've been on location with Ghost Hunters International and they get as close to a real investigation as you can get. But most people don't realise that paranormal investigating is not a glamorous hobby; it involves sitting in the dark for hours, just waiting for something to happen.

"The group has undergone some major changes since I first placed the ad. I've decided to recruit new trainee investigators, who are spread throughout the country and know their particular areas and the people in them. It's much easier to investigate cases when there is a local on the team, plus we will be able to cover a much larger area.

"Our goal at the end of the day is to help people who think their house or structure is haunted. Unlike some groups we won't go into a house and just say, 'Yes, your house is haunted and good luck with that.' We strive to find a logical explanation and that is usually enough to satisfy our clients. As our founder Ian Murphy once said, 'Nine times out of 10 our clients need a plumber not a priest.'"