With all these rumours of Grainne Seoige possibly joining GMTV (although word on the street is that GMTV gave a big no face to paying €300,000 to buy out her contract) we've come up with the Best Idea Ever for RTÉ. Why not make your own morning show, guys? We know the union-heavy staff might be a bit narked about getting up slightly earlier than usual, but you'd imagine that the heads down in the Montrose would be a tad more proactive in breaking the Ireland AM monopoly on (bad) morning television? Plus, it would take the heat off the queue of talented female broadcasters fighting over the afternoon slot which appears to have more competition than CV submission day at the UN secretary general's office. Nerves would be much calmer in the RTÉ canteen if Síle, Grainne, Lucy Kennedy, a post-No Frontiers Kathryn Thomas, Blathnaid and Sheana (don't mention the war), Maura Derrane and co had two time slots to fight over and not all have to scrap over an afternoon programme. Plus, it would ensure that one of their most high-profile and expensive stars (that'd be Grainne) wouldn't be thinking about getting the boat over to the gold-lined streets of GMTV. You know it makes sense.