Dáithí Ó Sé


What? What's wrong?

Sorry, that's just the sound all the single ladies make when you mention the 'D' word.


Okay, let me gather myself. What's going on with the Kerry dreamboat?

He was selected last week to present the Rose of Tralee after being the chair of the international selection judging panel last year and attending several international selections and festivals.

Is there anyone more suited to presenting the Rose of Tralee than Dáithí?

Probably not, because (a) he's old school, like the festival itself, (b) he's single, (c) he likes birds, (d) he's from Kerry, (e) he won't be afraid to ham it up, (f) both mammies and kids – the festival's prime audience – love him, and (g) he'll be well able to charm the Yanks.

So this is yet another interesting entry on Dáithí's long and illustrious CV?

You said it. Ó Sé has been a butcher, a circus ringmaster, a teacher, a weatherman, a two-time winner of Irish TV's sexiest star, a ferry driver, a music documentary maker, a judge of best-dressed competitions at the races, and, possibly most challengingly of all, a judge on The All Ireland Talent Show.

So what can we expect from his next gig?

Hosting the Rose of Tralee is by far Ó Sé's most most high-profile nixer so far. Gay Byrne, Ryan Tubridy, Derek Davis, Marty Whelan and Ray D'Arcy have all gone before him in this post, so he has large shoes to fill (and dainty ones to hold, of course).

Should we be worried?

Not really. Ó Sé is a likeable presenter if a bit caddish on screen. If he tones down the more informal elements of his persona while keeping things loose, he could be the most natural match for the lovely girls since Gaybo.