Broadcasting and Media
1. Ursula Halligan (40S)
The political editor of TV3 has risen steadily through the journalistic ranks via Magill and the Sunday Tribune, and now regularly grills public figures on Ireland's independent ... more
Sister Act
Amanda Pratt
Amanda Pratt is an executive director, along with her siblings, of Avoca, the retail and export business run by her parents for over 20 years. She is a 'lead entrepreneur' in the Going for Growth programme, sharing her business experience and knowledge of manufacturing and export. She has ... more
10 icons of everyday life
Adesign classic sounds like it should be something expensive and elitist but of course it doesn't have to be. There are lots of innovative designers around who are bringing their vision to everyday household accessories and making the ordinary extraordinary, and at accessible prices. They might not be recognised ... more
The Fix - This Week's Greatest Hits
Skin Care - Turn Japanese

Right now your skin is probably in need of a great exfoliator and it doesn't come much better than Bobbi Brown's Buffing Grains for Face. The magic ingredient here is the Japanese adzuki bean. You add the grains to a little water and gently ... more
Ten women who sparkle on the light side of life
1. Jean Byrne (40s)

It's easy to be a 'quirky weather person', but RTé's Lady Gaga of meteorology manages to bring an irreverence to the weather report without resorting to Martin King-style chumminess. Inspired a Facebook group two Christmases ago after she wore a bizarre silver outfit. It ... more
Hello, hello, Tom Dunne - How do you solve a problem like a month that never ends?
Will this month ever end? I know it's only 16 January, but I've been feeling this way since about the 5th. The combination of being required to take stock of your life and also give up drink is just too much. It wouldn't even happen in Guantanamo ... more


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