The proposed National Leprechaun Museum

Ah sure, top of de mornin' to ye, yizzer always after me Lucky Charms, but be the hokey, sure won't ye be able to find them in the new National Leprechaun Museum. Tis openin soon in the big shmoke, but twas far from mean streets that the aul leprechaun was reared. Ahem. Anyway, yes, that's right, the National Leprechaun Museum where one can "Experience the Magical World of Celtic Myth and Legend" is opening next month. Visitors can expect to "experience what it's like to live in a leprechaun-sized world" (isn't that basically apartment viewing?) as well as "journey to the end of the rainbow to see if the elusive crock of gold really exists," which is a pretty big sell, if you ask us.

Everyone knows that leprechauns are elusive little blighters, and no one knows that better than Eulogy, the British PR agency behind the promotion of the new museum who were unable to provide the Sunday Tribune with an actual address for the museum. The end of the rainbow perhaps? In the absence of any real location, may we be the first to offer some readily available potential venues;

* Anglo Irish Bank HQ on Stephen's Green – full of little chancers not quite sure where they left their pots of gold.

* Krystal nightclub – bursting with comely Irish maidens looking for small, scheming, hairy rich men. No high heels, please.

* The River Liffey – making it the world's first Floating National Leprechaun Museum.

* The Sunday Independent office – pretty good at the myth and legend bit.