I'm happy to propose a great way for the Sunday Tribune to save money in these troubled economic times: call back Dave Hannigan from the United States, because it's evident from his article (T2, 19 July) that he is only cribbing from the right-wing media there.

There are indeed problems with Obama's administration – his lukewarm support for gays and lesbians, his wishy-washy efforts at healthcare reform – but to suggest that Obama became president merely to serve his vanity is perplexing.

The man has been in office for six months. Writing any obituaries would be exceedingly premature, though that has always been the practice among right-wing ideologues (of whom Hannigan is so obviously a fan) when any Democrat is elected.

One reads the Sunday Tribune for insight and analysis, not the sort of hatchet-job journalism Hannigan offers. Please tell him to shape up.

Miles Link,


Dublin 6