Satallite view of Ireland and the UK

It's snow joke: woman falls 200ft fall and survives

A Chinese woman survived a 200ft fall from the 18th floor of a building when she landed on a snowdrift which bounced her to safety.

Ou (26), from Beijing, was hanging out her washing from her window in a block of flats when she fell. A man walking his dog found her in 5cm of snow. In spite of multiple fractures, she survived. Doctors at Peking University Third Hospital were amazed that after falling at 60mph from an 18th floor, just her jacket and the snow saved her.

It's official: aliens to start fat farms after invading earth...

Cadbury House, one of the biggest health clubs in Britain, has been criticised after erecting a sign saying aliens will eat "fatties" first were they to invade. The sign was meant to encourage people to join the gym, but instead has just caused offence.

Albanian female diver makes males very cross

In Albania, a 16-year-old girl shattered tradition when she beat her male counterparts to pluck a cross from the freezing Ionian Sea as part of a male-only Orthodox ceremony. Katerina Munguli dived several metres to retrieve the cross ahead of dozens of men and boys.

Balking at a winter wonderland

An amazing satellite of Britain under ice, as the Gulf Stream shifts, freezing both Ireland and our neighbour.