Give me a break! Simon Kelly's article (Sunday, 10 January)?made me so angry.

"I was a property developer who didn't believe in property"? This guy is a muppet who now preaches from his lowly perch to me from your back page.

The answers are already coming from "the entrepreneurs of Ireland" – those of us who used the last few years of boom to reinvest in our businesses and hold cash reserves for the lean times that always come after a boom, who have, and always have had, a responsibility to their employees for their longterm job prospects and success.

You and your ilk now sit and bemoan all the 'could have beens' and 'should have beens' but you knew nothing during the boom and you have learned less from it.

Get off your perch. We don't want to read your drivel. You should study Oliver Gilvarry's piece instead – a concise and informed piece of writing.

Martina Hilliard,