As a native of the Middle East, it is shocking that the world has remained silent one year since the atrocities took place in Gaza last year. Over 1,400 people were killed, many of whom were civilians, and almost €1.5bn of damage has been caused to Gaza's civilian infrastructure. It is almost impossible to see any real logic beyond that of collective humiliation by the Israeli authorities.

It was this logic that informed Israel's military strike which, in the words of the UN's Goldstone report, was "directed by Israel at the people of Gaza as a whole, in furtherance of an overall policy aimed at punishing the Gaza population". The people of Gaza have since been unable to rebuild their homes and lives, and the illegal blockade continues.

Some countries such as Egypt are in fact furthering efforts to punish Gaza's civilian population with their convoy blocks and harassment. The relative disinterest of the Irish government is equally upsetting, and is at odds with the Irish people's history of recognition of the basic human rights of the Palestinian people.

What we need now at the anniversary of this human tragedy is more pressure from the Irish people, and a clear message from the Irish media and government – we will not tolerate the illegal blockade.

Jawad Hafid,

Sligo Town, Co Sligo