Fight in Taiwan parliament

World's oldest conjoined twins retire from carnival

The world's oldest conjoined twins are set to move in with their little brother. Ronnie and Donnie Gaylon (58) who currently reside in a tiny house in Dayton, Ohio are being assisted by the Christian Youth Corps to modify the home of their younger brother Jim who lives nearby as they retire from a touring carnival. The twins are listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's oldest conjoined twins. Joined at the torso, they have four arms, four legs, two stomachs and two hearts but share a lower intestine.

Apparently, there's madness in his method

A method actor portraying a Russian drunk in a play in Frankfurt was rushed to hospital after he collapsed. Marc Schulze downed shot after shot of vodka , impressing the audience with his realistic drunkenness until he began to miss lines and collapsed.

Black market antique show is a steal

In Jerusalem, a ring belonging to Alexander the Great was stolen from an exhibition along with several other items this week. Unfortunately, organisers failed to see the irony of the name of the exhibition which was 'Antiques Theft in Israel' as it featured items rescued from the black market.


There was another fight in Taiwan's parliament this week, two years after they swore to quit punch ups.