I wasn't sure when reading his article (Comment, 18 April), about how much he hates Irish whether this guy Dave Kenny is still a secondary school student or just writes like one. Which is it?

Certainly there was something oily and disgusting about the way he caricatured people who speak Irish. This fool is probably the loudest to whine about 'racism' if anyone says boo to a foreigner, but he slobbers his own bile at will when it comes to our own linguistic minority. And the immature crap about using Irish to "insult foreigners" is straight out of Junior Cert.

Okay, Kenny can't speak the language he hates (and I'll bet my cúpla focal that he can't speak any other language bar English). I'd say wait till Kenny passes Leaving Cert English before you give him another contract.

George Dillon,

George Dillon@cluas.com