Sybil Mulcahy and Martin King

For TV3 viewers, it is more a case of the afternoon-before show.

The station's Morning Show with Sybil Mulcahy and Martin King (pictured) is not broadcast live but recorded the day before it is shown to unsuspecting viewers.

Media analyst Michael Foley attacked shows which seem to be live but do not state that they are actually pre-recorded.

"My view is that viewers should be given all the information. No viewer should be given the impression that a show is live when it is not. It is a matter of honesty. Otherwise, stations are conning the viewer and it is unethical."

Foley said shows which are not live but are shown as if they are "cannot be defended".

"Viewers should be told everything. If it is pre-recorded, tell us why; if there are legal problems, state that. It is a matter of courtesy and an ethical stance," he said.

TV3 spokeswoman Maureen Catterson defended the Morning Show. "It goes out as if it is live, we don't edit it. Because of the demand on our studio time, we often pre-record programmes."

She confirmed that TV3 is now using only one set for all of its chat shows and current affairs programmes.

She added that it is an "internationally accepted practice" to pre-record shows. "This practice is definitely not unusual," she said.

Catterson pointed out that "programmes like the Jonathan Ross show are pre-recorded, and even Graham Norton is recorded two days before it is aired".