CONTROVERSIAL Limerick solicitor John Devane has been cleared by the Law Society after a probe into allegations that he passed on inappropriate information to a client involved in crime.

Gardaí have completed a separate investigation into whether the solicitor acted outside the law and the DPP has recommended that he should not face charges.

In July on RTE television, Limerick's state solicitor Michael Murray said certain legal representatives were working as glorified "intelligence" officers for criminal gangs. Following these claims, the Law Society contacted the garda commissioner's office.

"Based on the reply received, the society is now satisfied that there is in fact no complaint or evidence of improper professional conduct that the society can investigate. The society appreciates the assistance of the garda commissioner's office in clearing up this matter. Any Law Society investigation of alleged misconduct against a solicitor is a serious matter and requires evidence. The society cannot proceed without a complaint and evidence to substantiate it. Here the society has neither," Law Society director general Ken Murphy said in a statement to the Sunday Tribune.

"At no stage in this matter has the society disclosed publicly the name of the solicitor referred to. Nor will it do so now."

Devane was accused of sending text messages on behalf of a well-known criminal who was in custody to a member of his family also involved in crime.