A high-level meeting between several serious criminal gangs was held just before Christmas to plan how dealers would target head shops in arson attacks.

At this meeting, the first tentative plans were made to murder crime boss Eamon Dunne.

The Sunday Tribune understands that the senior representatives from crime gangs in Blanchardstown, Cabra, Finglas, Crumlin, Drimnagh, Ballyfermot, as well as a Dutch criminal visiting from the Netherlands, all met in a "war council" meeting in Glasnevin in late December.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the substantial amount of money the gangs were losing to the sale of legal highs at head shops. It was at this "war council" meeting at a pub in Glasnevin that it was decided by the gang members that they should work together and simultaneously order low-level associates to set fire to head shops. The Dutch criminal who also attended was a drugs supplier to many of the gangs.

Eamon 'The Don' Dunne, the leader of a major Finglas crime gang until he was shot dead last month, did not personally attend the meeting but his senior lieutenants did.

The criminals followed through on their agreement to target head shops in arson attacks. Within a four-week period between February and March, attempts were made to set fire to four establishments in Dublin.

Some senior criminals voiced their concerns about how Eamon Dunne's activities were affecting all of them.

This led to more dialogue between Dublin criminals who later formulated a plan to have the crime boss murdered.