Industrial action - Aer Lingus pilots continue dispute over rosters

Aer Lingus pilots are in their second day of a work-to-rule in a dispute over rosters. They say their action should not have any impact on passengers or services. Aer Lingus described the action as "outrageous".

Home affairs - Mountain childbirth drama

The Glen of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue and Dublin/Wicklow teams helped take a pregnant woman from her home to a maternity hospital yesterday morning. The woman was taken in a 4x4 vehicle from her home in Laragh to an ambulance en route to the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin.

Crime - Irishman released abroad

AN IRISHMAN who was being held in custody in Spain was last night granted bail. Christy Kinahan, a 53-year-old from Dublin, was granted bail, along with his sons Daniel and Christopher jnr. The convicted drug dealer and money launderer had been held without charge since May while authorities carried out investigations.