CHARLES Haughey will not have to vacate his home at Abbeville under the terms of the deal that saw the former Taoiseach sell his the mansion and the adjoining 235 acres to Manor Park Homes.

The Sunday Tribune has also established that the actual price paid by Joe Moran's Manor Park Homes for Abbeville and the land was 35m.

It has also emerged that a number of the country's top property developers ? believed to include Sean Dunne, the Baileys and possibly Noel Smyth ? ran the rule over Abbeville, but opted against purchasing it because of doubts about planning as the lands are zoned as a green belt.

It is also known that Treasury Holdings held discussions with Haughey but talks broke down over Haughey's insistence that he be allowed live there for the rest of his life.

While reports last week said that Haughey would have to leave his beloved Abbeville under the deal with Manor Park, it is understood that there will be no imperative for him to do so in the foreseeable future. It is estimated that it could be at least six years before any effort is made to rezone the Kinsealy lands and property sources say there will be no pressure on Haughey to leave in the medium term.

Property sources expressed surprise this weekend at Manor Park's decision to buy the land.

"Joe [Moran] is no fool, but it's a big gamble that I, personally, wouldn't have made. With the zoning, you're looking at doing nothing for five to six years; who can do that with 35m?" one property developer said.

Another expert, when asked if he thought 35m was a good price for the land, joked: "If he [Moran] gets it zoned, it's for nothing. If he doesn't, it's robbery".

However, some property sources believe the purchase of Abbeville will represent an excellent long-term investment for Moran. "It will be rezoned. . .

eventually, " one expert said, adding that, when it is, there would comfortably be room for 2,000-plus houses on the land in a highly desirable area.

It is understood that Haughey returned to his holiday in Kerry in the wake of signing the deal with Moran. Friends say Haughey, who is suffering from prostate cancer, is in very good spirits and is comfortable considering his condition.