January 16, 2011
VOL 28 NO 3
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If nothing succeeds like excess, Natalie Portman could be a shoo-in to win an Oscar for her tour-de- force portrayal of a sexually deranged prima ballerina in Darren Aronofsky's mesmerising thriller Black Swan.

... more
Size isn't everything
Film Critic, Paul Lynch - Green party
From minor to major
Russia's clown prince
Size isn’t everything
The biggest publishing event of last year saw Jonathan Franzen's doorstopper, Freedom ... more
Book Review - Freedom from fear
This collection of Aung San Suu Kyi's writings, edited by her late husband Michael Aris, begins with an ... more
Film Critic, Paul Lynch - ...
In the superhero caper The Green Hornet, there is a scene where Seth Rogen's hero, the slacker son ... more
The Film That Changed Me ...
Director: Alan Parker (1980)
Starring: Irene Cara, Gene Anthony Ray, Albert Hague ... more
From minor to major
The classical pianist James Rhodes treats people who approach him in the street with a smile, a shrug, an excitable ... more
CD of the Week ...
Welcome to the stormy twilight of a flamenco-inspired drama, a frantically woozy battle between David Lynch ... more
Russia’s clown prince
At 80, the world's oldest clown has given up tight­rope walking but Oleg Popov, the most famous ... more
Theatre Review - Gulliver’s Travels, ...
When breaking an egg, which is the correct end? On such matters do wars begin, as when the tiny Emperor ... more


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