January 23, 2011
VOL 28 NO 4
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I can't be the only person who found Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love off-puttingly smug, but there's no denying its vast international success.

Despite Gilbert's endorsement on the cover ("I absolutely ... more
Sunday Tribune Book Club
In his introduction to Joy in the Morning, the ninth of the so-called Jeeves books, PG Wodehouse wonders aloud for how long it might be considered decent to continue writing about the adventures of the same set of characters. At around the same point in the lifespan of the Ross ... more
Book Review - Finding Mr Flood
The third novel from Dublin-based Geraghty confirms her status as an engaging writer of superior chick-lit. Dara Flood works in a dog shelter and lives a contained life, with her occasional boyfriend, Ian, and her desire to never rock the status quo. Family circumstances have caused her to choose this ... more
Book Review - Listen to this
Is there another music critic writing today who could change key within an essay from John Dowland to Led Zeppelin (specifically, 'Dazed and Confused'), JS Bach to Robert Johnson, without fluffing the notes? Alex Ross of the New Yorker can span endless octaves of period and genre without the slightest ... more
Paperbacks Tom Widger
Selected recordings 2000-2010 By Olaf Tyaransen, Hot Press, 233pps

LETTERS, short stories, interviews; literary selections of any sort are, at best, patchy affairs. Such is the case here. Inevitably, readers will first go to the contents to hear what their favourite writer, singer, comedian, actor has to say. This reviewer ... more


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