January 16, 2011
VOL 28 NO 3
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At 80, the world's oldest clown has given up tight­rope walking but Oleg Popov, the most famous Soviet-era jester, still tours half of the year and has no plans to quit.

"The Sun ... more
Theatre Review - Gulliver's Travels, Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin
When breaking an egg, which is the correct end? On such matters do wars begin, as when the tiny Emperor of Lilliput orders Lemuel Gulliver to lead his Little-Endians into battle against the Big-Endians of Blefuscu. Jonathan Swift's 1725 satire takes many a swipe at the religious wars between ... more
Television Critic, Patrick Freyne - Tool box
Television programmes nowadays often involve attention-starved emotional cripples being trained by sadists in thinly disguised "Clown Colleges", or, if you will, "Goon Schools". E4 has finally made this fact explicit with its new reality television programme, Tool Academy.

In Tool Academy, a number of awful human beings believe that they ... more
Radio Critic, Eithne Tynan - An Áras of herself
Dana would like to remind whoever becomes the next president that they have to protect the constitution. And there we were thinking being president was about nothing more than putting the kettle on for Travellers' groups and trying to seduce the queen of England with flattery.

Dana issued this solemn ... more
Seven Deadly Things... To Do This Week
1. View Found-Object Art... by Brian Hegarty at Then and Now (ongoing, Stockwell Street Gallery, Drogheda, Co Louth)

2. Hear Baroque Epics... at Masterworks 2011 (Tuesday-Sunday, Christ Church cathedral, Dublin, irishbaroqueorchestra.com)

3. Reserve your seat... for Cork Cine Club's 10-week arthouse film season at Half Moon Theatre (from ... more
Freyne's World
Television Heroes/Villains - Sky Atlantic

"Let's start a station that only broadcasts quality programmes! We could play new US shows like Boardwalk Empire and Treme, classics like Mad Men and The Sopranos, and new offerings from people like David Attenborough and Paul Abbott. And then we could make sure ... more


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