AH Sienna Miller, the world's best friend. It's all happening for the Argos Kate Moss as she takes on the cover of Vogue along with getting nikkid in a publicity-grabbing method acting stint while working on the Andy Warhol flick Factory Girl.

Sienna has taken body art literally, by covering her gaff in paintings she drew with her boobs. Of course, that's no reason to be angry at her . . . let's face it, an enemy of Sadie Frost is a friend to all, no?

Well, no. Celebrities lambast the public and the tabloids for invading their privacy, lying about their crazy exploits and pointing out every bodily fault, from microscopic cellulite to hang nails. So you'd imagine when the Heat-buying Josephine Schmoes of the world rally around their favourite celeb that they'd be nothing but grateful. Not the case with Sienna Miller.

She has urged the public to stop the sympathy and end the pity-fest following her break-up-make-upmake-out-throw-a-fit relationship with hot cheater Jude Law. Fine Sienna. FINE.

"I heard the other day that there were people in LA selling T-shirts saying 'Team Sienna' next to 'Team Aniston', and I felt like this victim. I'm quite tough and proud."

Proud of what? The fact that you've now opened the flood gates on a dam labelled 'LET'S GET HER'.

I'll start the ball rolling . . . yo Sienna, you look like the blonde mini boy pixie from S Club 7. And your boyfriend has Sadie germs.