Heath Ledger
Yes, we're truly loving him. Just us, and the rest of the global population

The Strokes' 'First Impressions of Earth'
The first stonkingly good album of the year, let the rest of 2006 harvest such musical brilliance

www. cuteoverload. com
If those Polar bear Coke ads warm your heart, prepare for total meltdown. A web site full of cute ickle animals. Awww

Those pregnant Angelina rumours
The world needs to see what the perfect genetic offspring could look like


January revellers
You're supposed to be detoxing, not retoxing, people

James Nesbitt Is it just us, or does that smug face annoy anyone else?

'Happy New Ye a r '
Sorry, but have we not got past that yet?

The credit card bills
Next year, we're making all our pressies