We'd like to think we're fair here in Sideline Cuts, giving credit where credit's due and all that. So, for starters, that old target, Aertel ? they had the Waterford team up within minutes of selection.

Likewise, the muchmaligned GAA programme ? the NFL finals edition was loaded with interesting, wellresearched stats. And then there's Brian White.

We were taken aback when he recently said that football should adopt the tackle like "the one we have in International Rules" (As Tonto said in that old ad to the Lone Ranger upon seeing an army of Indians on the horizon, "What's all this 'we' business, paleface?").

We were more taken aback though by Mickey Moran's condemnation of White last Sunday. According to Mickey, "We saw Francis McEldowney being bundled over without getting a free, yet if Colm McCullough was touched, he won one at the end the other end." Em, about the only thing we felt White got wrong was when he twice failed to spot McCullough being pushed in the act of shooting. In Sideline Cuts' view, it was possibly the best-refereed Ulster championship game we've seen.