The North's Chief Constable is leaving to take up a senior post in London. Sir Hugh Orde will remain on in Belfast, however, until the autumn. During his seven years, the North's top policeman saw huge changes to the force and Sinn Fein come into the fold and take up positions on the Policing Board. There was a collective intake of breath from the police old guard when Sir Hugh was appointed chief constable. He had after all spent the last few years delving into the murky past of the RUC special branch and its role in collusion with loyalists, particularly in the murder of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane. The SDLP fought long and hard behind the scenes to ensure his appointment. Unionists however, came to respect him, if not cosy up to him, as a straight talker who holds his ground. Sinn Fein also have a grudging respect for him, while opposing his view that the past should not be raked over.