An ex-girlfriend of the Sligo man accused of murdering teenager Melissa Mahon has told his trial that he said he wouldn't go to prison for the troubled teen, but that he would kill her and he had it planned. Angelina Sheridan has been giving evidence at the trial of 44-year-old Ronald Dunbar, of Rathbraughan Park in Sligo, who denies murdering the 14-year-old in September 2006. Ms Sheridan explained that she had a relationship with the accused in August and early September 2006. She said he told her about Melissa, outlined the teenager's allegations of abuse and asked her for help. She said Ronnie Dunbar asked her to bring Melissa to Slish Wood in Sligo to meet the social worker. She said he drove Melissa to her flat in the boot of his car, she drove Melissa to Slish Wood for the meeting and was told to stay out of sight. Afterwards, she drove Melissa back to her flat, the accused drove up, Melissa got into the boot of his car again and he covered her with a blanket. She said, on another occasion, he said Melissa had been infatuated with him, but not any more. She said, another time, one of his daughters mentioned something about prison. He said he wouldn't go to prison for Melissa, that he would kill her by strangling her and that he had it planned.