A 50-year-old former Detective Sergeant is to be sentenced on the 29th July for leaking the contents of a confidential report by the Dean Lyons Inquiry to a reporter. Robert McNulty from Boden Park, Rathfarnham was suspended in 2007 and has since retired from the force. He pleaded guilty to disclosing the contents of a draft report of the Commission of Investigation into the Dean Lyons case without permission between 10th July and 10th August 2006. The court has heard that in July 2006, McNulty was one of 15 individuals to receive a draft copy of the report of the Commission of inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the confession by drug addict Dean Lyons about the violent deaths of two women in Grangegorman in 1997. In August 2006 a number of articles appeared in the Evening Herald written by journalist Mick McCaffrey, containing direct quotations from the first draft. They were both arrested after the journalist's finger prints were found on McNulty's draft report copy. McNulty was charged in October 2007, he later pleaded guilty to the offence which carries a maximum fine of €30,000 and or a maximum jail term of five years. His lawyers said he leaked the report without permission from the commission because he wanted to vindicate his own good name as it had become an obsession for him over the years. Its the first time an offence of this kind has come before the courts and Judge Desmond Hogan adjourned sentencing until the 29th July