The Dublin City Business Association (DCBA) wants the local authority to "champion" a proposal that a commercial premises left empty or derelict for 18 months or more would be forced to lower its rent or face a compulsory purchase order or be added to the derelict sites register.

"The post-Tiger period presents significant new challenges to Dublin city, not least being vacancies and the potential for dereliction," the DCBA told Dublin City Council in a submission, seen by the Sunday Tribune. Sites and buildings on the derelict sites register are subject to a financial penalty of up to 3% of their market value for every year they remain on the register.

The DCBA also wants the council to enforce signage legislation, which would remove "bawdy banners... tolerated" on convenience food shops on O'Connell Street. It also suggests that a series of multi-storey car parks be developed along the canal which would make the city centre more pedestrian friendly.