January 2008: Financial Regulator learns Anglo Irish Bank has been warehousing directors' loans with Irish Nationwide.

March 2008: Bear Stearns collapse and liquidity fears precipitate massive sell-off of Anglo shares; Financial Regulator investigates alleged "unusual trading patterns".

June 2008: Anglo organises and lends €450m to "golden circle" of 10 bank clients to help unwind Sean Quinn's Anglo-funded 25% virtual shareholding.

September 2008: Lehman Brothers bankruptcy causes market panic; Irish banks struggle to source liquidity and face insolvency; Brian Lenihan announces bank guarantee scheme.

October 2008: After brief post-guarantee bounce, bank shares begin six-month slide as news flow worsens.

December 2008: Anglo records €1bn in combined provisions, investment losses and asset write-downs in annual results; chairman Sean FitzPatrick and chief executive David Drumm resign as directors' loans scandal goes public; Donal O'Connor becomes executive chairman.

January 2009: Financial Regulator chief Pat Neary resigns over directors' loans; Anglo is nationalised just a day before its annual general meeting.

February 2009: Anglo and Irish Life & Permanent "window dressing" scandal erupts, casting doubt on veracity of Anglo's 2008 accounts. Gardaí raid offices.

April 2009: Nama announced; Anglo will ultimately transfer €28bn of bad loans into the agency.

May 2009: Anglo reports record €4.1bn loss at interim results; government pledges €4bn recapitalisation.

August 2009: Mike Aynsley appointed chief executive.

November 2009: Aynsley submits business restructuring plan to EU, tells Department of Finance that Anglo will need another €5.7bn; bank says it will cut staff by about 25%.

December 2009: Departure of several executives from old regime makes room for new appointments.