Deal of the week

If you are in the market for life assurance and expect to pay a large premium, check out online insurer, which is offering discounts of up to 80% in year one for anyone whose premium exceeds €200 a month, and free cover for the first year for anyone whose monthly premium exceeds €300 a month . The offer applies to life and specified critical illness insurance policies and life insurance policies taken out to cover inheritance tax.

Meanwhile, Aviva is now offering up to €20,000 worth of life assurance cover to parents of newborns if both mother and father sign up to the Aviva New Parent Free Life Cover. The initiative is not just for the first child but can be availed of after each birth in the family.

Tip of the week

It's hardly been six months since it last rolled around, but Dine in Dublin is back this week with restaurants all over the city offering meals at prices that won't burn a massive hole in your pocket. Offering set menus for between €25 and €35, some of the city's finest eating establishments will be opening their doors to budget-conscious diners starting tomorrow – Monday 22 March – and for the following seven nights. Check out for a list of participating restaurants.

Bad value of the week

Extended warranties are being pushed everywhere nowadays. Money Talks was recently offered one on a second-hand game that cost €15. Do not be tempted; they are often incredibly expensive. If you have a genuine complaint about a product – if it is faulty or never worked, for instance – then it is covered by your consumer rights which entitle you to a repair or replacement. Additionally, the product may already be covered by a manufacturer's warranty. In most cases, extended warranties are pointless.

Recession rates - Credit Card Currency Conversion Rates


Purchase in Europe: 1.75% - Outside Europe 2.75%
Withdrawal (ATM) - 1.75% cash fee.

* Bank of Ireland

Purchase abroad: 1.75%
ATM: 1.5% + 1.75 cash fee.


Purchase abroad: 2.6%
ATM: 2.85%

* GE Money

Purchase: 2.75%

* MBNA - Purchases outside of EU 2.65%

ATM: 1.5%

* National Irish Bank

Purchase abroad: 1.75%
ATM: 3.5%

* Permanent TSB

Purchase: 1.75%
ATM: 1.5%

* Ulster Bank

Purchase Europe Zone: 0% - Outside is 2% of value transaction
Withdrawals in Europe is 1.5% and Outside is 3% (with fee included).