VERY often less is more, but not this time. Not for Melanie Griffith. For some women backless/frontless dresses are not a good look and Melanie is definitely a card-carrying member of this group.

While the recurrent theme of this year's redcarpet style was sophisticated glamour, Melanie Griffith opted for a Miss Havisham-meets-Jayne Torvill-style gown for last week's Oscar ceremony, confirming the long-held suspicion that she cannot dress herself. Perhaps she didn't and maybe that explains the cane. Donatella Versace forced her into this hideous frock by breaking her ankle. All the other stars who have made movies at some point during the last decade got first pick, leaving Melanie with Versace's take on the blue-rinse doily.

Unfortunately, given Melanie Griffith's track record for red-carpet disasters, she more than likely chose it herself. The ankle injury was probably sustained during her race to get at it. In addition to drainpipe jeans, baseball caps and too-tight t-shirts, Melanie has maintained her capsule wardrobe of the 1980s with considerable determination.

As for husband Antonio Banderas . . . the dark glasses are understandable but the tattoo on Griffith's arm is a dead giveaway. She's with him. He even appears to be attempting to hold the dress up but his efforts are fruitless, the woman is still halfdressed and people would sleep easier without seeing Melanie Griffith, yet again, fall out of her dress.