AMERICAN investors have expressed concern at the rise of Sinn Féin and have indicated to the government that they will pull out of Ireland if the party continues to grow in electoral popularity.

According to the Minister for State in the Department of Justice, Wille O'Dea, several representatives of American businesses in Ireland have expressed grave concerns that the rise of Sinn Féin is threatening their continued investment in Ireland. O'Dea claims that continued support for Sinn Féin threatens to "destablise the whole economic boom".

O'Dea claims to have been approached by three different business professionals in the mid-west area over the past 10 days who have expressed concern at Sinn Féin's electoral success.

"These people relayed to me growing concern at the fragmentation of the Irish political system, giving rise to the emergence of the hard Left in the form of Marxist-terrorist Sinn Féin, " said O'Dea.

Following on their electoral success in the European and local elections, Sinn Féin have stated their belief that they will be in a position to hold the balance of power with the next decade. However, O'Dea has stated that such a situation would be an economic disaster for Ireland.

"These people are coming to me ? Irish advisers to international companies ? and they are being asked: What is the situation in Ireland?' We have Poles and Lithuanians competing for investment and we hear about Sinn Féin and socialism and equality and a private army, " said O'Dea.

Although Sinn Féin have not fully outlined their economic policies, it is believed that they would favour a rise in Corporation and Capital Gains Tax, a move which the current government claim would lead to foreign investment relocating out of Ireland.