IRELAND GIRVAN DEMPSEY Rating 8 They say a leopard never changes his spots. There was a minor transformation in his mindset, you expected a long ball put in behind him, he would retrieve, come forward to the chasing line and the ball up in the air. He did this for the first 20 but from then on Ye Gods, he ran it back with ball in hand and made real yardage. Surprised me and the entire 80,000 crowd but most importantly the English team. Took his try brilliantly with the early dive.

SHANE HORGAN Rating 8 The thing about bullies is that when you meet somebody physically smaller than you, you nonchalantly, physically overwhelm them. Ben Cohen always struggled against bigger men who weren't afraid of him. Horgan boxed him, shadowed him and dominated England's chief gain liner. Didn't put a step wrong.

BRIAN O'DRISCOLL Rating 3.5 I'm not trying to be controversial but if O'Driscoll wasn't who he was, he should have been substituted after 50 minutes.

A compendium of out-takes from It'll be all right on the Night. Without a shadow of a doubt, his worst performance in an Irish jersey. Some of his play yesterday put Ireland at a serious disadvantage.

GORDON D'ARCY Rating 10 His rise to the top has been pock-marked with a litany of the curious and the strange.

When you consider some of the mutts picked ahead of him to play for Ireland, you have to shake your head. He was a change catalyst and a transformer yesterday. Every time he got possession in a position of even minimal advantage, he cut England to shreds. Will Greenwood, in his 50th cap, will never be made to look so ordinary.

TYRONE HOWE Rating 6.5 Completely out of his depth but Forrest Gump-like. Manages to never get exposed as badly as he should although he did have a few nervy moments. Showed a decent level of competence.

RONAN O'GARA Rating 9.5 Has now delivered a mentally strong performance packed with assured concentration and real con. dence. Played the gameplan to a tee, dealt brilliantly with Lawrence Dallaglio, who seemed to spend most of the afternoon running at him and played O'Sullivan's game plan to a tee. England's back three looked like refugees from Dunkirk.

PETER STRINGER Rating 7 Again wonderful concentration. A thorough competitor and although he spent most of the afternoon with Matt Dawson wearing his jersey, he coped. There were four or five deliveries which didn't go anywhere the intended receiver but it was top-fiight rugby.

Towards the end of the match he was a better performer than Dawson. In a strange replay of the 2001 Lansdowne Road game, he pulled off yet another miraculous tap tackle on a rampaging Jason Robinson who would surely have scored.

REGGIE CORRIGAN Rating 8 Brilliant contributor at maul time both defensively and offensively. Took no shite from Phil Vickery and had a big tackle count. A real mortar holding the blocks together type of job.

SHANE BYRNE Rating 8.5 Must have sniggered at Steve Thompson, who not only lost the plot at lineout time but never got on the ball as he is wont to do. Byrne had a huge game in the loose, was utterly dynamic in the tackle and absolutely brilliant in controlling the ball at the base of the maul. No jammy tries this time but he will remember forever the joy of winning at Twickenham.

JOHN HAYES Rating 8 Has sorted Trevor Woodman out on so many occasions that it must be a yawn at this stage. You can point to Ireland's three line-out stars and say how brilliant they are. But the guy who's riding shotgun on the ground is the difference.

MALCOLM O'KELLY Rating 10 A monsta monsta performance. On a day when he mercifully equalled Willie John McBride's record, he pulled out one of his best ever performances. Just pulled it out of the bag kind of thing. All phases were interstellar but where did he come from to barrel Mark Regan into touch when England were pressing midway through the second half? If that try had been allowed, it would have been a different game.

PAUL O'CONNELL Rating 10 I suppose it's 10s all round. I think this England team is going to get used to Paul O'Connell and there is nothing they can do about it.

Winning isn't everything but wanting to win is ? and that is what personi. es this man.

SIMON EASTERBY Rating 10 Another 10 I'm afraid. The Full Monty in every sector

KEITH GLEESON Rating 9 Had a field day against the big men as Neil Back gritted his teeth from the comfort and safety of the stand.

ANTHONY FOLEY Rating 9.5 Soaked up all the savage pressure when he was tired and willed his way to the final 15.

SUBSTITUTES KEVIN MAGGS Rating 7. 5 Must have jumped for joy when he got his opportunity.

Two good bursts and about seven outstanding tackles in an action-packed 20-minute spell.

ENGLAND Iain Balshaw 5 Josh Lewsey 7 Jason Robinson 8 Will Greenwood 7 Ben Cohen 6 Paul Grayson 7 Matt Dawson 8 Trevor Woodman 5 Steve Thompson 4 Phil Vickery 6 Steve Borthwick 3.5 Ben Kay 6 Joe Worsley 6 Richard Hill 7 Lawrence Dallaglio 8 SUBSTITUTES Mark Regan 6 Chris Jones 6 James Simpson-Daniel 6