JORDAN and Peter Andre have come up trumps again and revealed yet even more fascinating and intimate details of their lives together. As any tabloid reader will know, they have procreated and their gift to the world is due in 'weeks'.

They don't have a precise date because neither of them can count but who needs brains when you've got huge teeth and an existentialist dilemma intermittently relieved by 'at-home' photo spreads in celebrity magazines?

After admitting their sex life has been in decline since the arrival of the bun in the oven, Jordan told a daytime TV show they had miscalculated the due date and their little bundle of joy is set to arrive in a matter of "weeks not months". What joy.

Jordan and Peter met while competing against each other on "I'm-hopingeating-slugs-and-wormswill-make-me-a-Celebrity" and it was love at first sight.

Neither won the competition but they managed to bag a 'fly-onthe-wall' documentary and any number of magazine spreads out of their 'true love'. Romance is not dead as the pair have also announced they intend to marry in September after the baby is born and Jordan has got over her sciatica.

Information we all needed.