I've been collecting Cuban music all my life and I love it. I've always found Cuban music creatively stimulating.

They called Havana the Paris of the Caribbean and that wasn't just a tourist slogan, it was a simple truth.

We left Cuba in 1961 with nothing. We moved to Miami and I didn't realise we were leaving for good, I thought we were going on a short visit. When we arrived in the United States my mother borrowed a dime to let our relatives know we'd arrived.

I had a fantastic childhood. The important thing for my parents was the opportunity for their children to to pursue their dreams. My family has been a blessing to me.

Marivi my wife is an extraordinary lady and an incredible mother and she's been great.

Having a spiritual focus is important. It's important to have faith. I think it can bring companionship and solace in your life at very trying times. I was raised Catholic and I'm still Catholic.My children were all raised Catholic.

I won't make movies I don't want to make because they're offering me a lot of money. I just look for stories that move me; you have to respond to the material.

Obviously I'm very proCuban. I think about going back every day of my life, so the question is when the appropriate time is to do so. I'm more interested in what happens to the Cuban people, that they retain their civil liberties and are able to pursue their dreams and move about without the dark cloud of oppression that they live under now. If I could trade the Cuban people's freedom for me never going back there, that would be fine with me.