SUNDAYS start as quite lazy days for me. I'll have been working until the early hours through Friday and Saturday so I won't get up until about 1.30. Then it's on with my hat and out for a good run, whatever the weather. I'll do about two hours, either down to St Anne's or around Clontarf beach. Then it's back to relax and watch some good mindless Sunday TV . . .catch up with the soaps or my secret obsession:

Newlyweds on MTV!

In the past few years I've been renovating and selling houses and so will fall on any of the property supplements in the papers during the afternoon. I'm especially interested at the moment as I've just finished one project and am looking for the next one.

I'm from a large family and, years ago, all the kids would gather for a big Sunday lunch. It's not so easy to get everyone together now, but we'll try every eight weeks or so and whoever's around will join in. We entertain on a rota basis and it's my turn next. I suppose I'll cook for about 12 or 14 from all generations.

I never cook roasts . . . I think my mother or aunt are best at that and I couldn't possibly compete . . . but I'll probably do some Thai dishes. I know it's laborious, and involves a lot of last minute preparation, but I really love the flavour.

Sundays are treat days and I'll definitely hit the chocolate! I tried one of those new Wonka bars last week, which was totally amazing and worth the sin.

I'll also let loose in my aunt's restaurant, Crema in Rathmines. They do a brilliant brunch like pancakes in maple syrup or interesting ciabattas so I could have about three or four different things there.

The big feed inevitably leads to an early evening snooze. Because I've been working late over the weekend, I need this disco nap to get me set for the night ahead. Then it's up, get ready and into the car.

I'll arrive in Spirit around 11, get the guest list together, make sure the hostess girls are organised in the VIP area and I'll be outside greeting members by about 11.30. Between welcoming people and checking all's going well inside, the nights always fly by.

I've been working in this job for over three years and initially I'd be wide awake and head out partying after work. These days, I rather save my money for travelling and the joy of working at weekends is that there are some really great breaks to be had midweek.

Already this year I've been to Amsterdam, Cyprus and Bali and I hope to get away more as soon as possible.

I can wind down relatively easily at the end of the night and so I'll hop into the car and head for home.

Then I'll chill in front of the TV or a movie. As I settle down, my mind will start to replay the night . . . did everything go okay and what might be improved? I always have my most creative thoughts right before I drop off so as I fade, I hope I'll remember these bright ideas in the morning.