ROD Stewart will take his marriage vows for the third time later this year when he ties the knot with girlfriend Penny Lancaster. The only obstacle in their path towards wedded bliss is the small matter of Rod's last marriage to wife no 2 . . . something he would perhaps need to attend to before saying 'I do'.

A trifling matter, except that Rachel Hunter is quite keen on getting her hands on a substantial cut of Stewart's estimated £100m fortune. Despite the prenup she signed back when she was young and in love that provides her with a measly £5m, under the laws of California . . . where they both have homes . . . she is entitled to half.

As the years have rolled on, Rod's wives have begun to bear an increasing resemblance to each other.

If nothing else, he's consistent . . . Rod likes his wives tall, thin and preferably with a lingerie modelling contract and who could blame him? After all, who wants a 60-year-old in tight trousers?

Penny Lancaster obviously, who is also doing a good impression of the cat that got the cream.

Meanwhile, Rachel is preparing to wipe the smile of Rod's face by demanding the shirt off his back.

Hopefully she'll do Penny a favour and take the lilac one.