WHAT could possibly be a novelty for a girl who has everything? No really, we do mean everything: we're talking heiress extraordinaire Paris Hilton here. Diamonds? Got them already. A car? Puhlease.

Jewellery for her pet Chihuahua? For anyone else, that might be an original thought, but not for Paris. How about this then: a lifesize wax work figure of herself!

It's the perfect novelty item for a publicity-loving girl like Paris: this way, she can be adored by even more people all at once: those queueing up to see her likeness at Madame Tussaud's in New York as well as those watching her on TV (we're just going to quietly gloss over the less respectable downloaders here). And for the girl herself, you'd think it would be fun to be able to do without those pesky mirrors and simply relish having a lifesize, 3D version of herself to admire in all its glory.

Unfortunately, it seems, the creator of the waxwork made a bit of a faux-pas by dressing down the waxy Paris in a casual tracksuit rather than her preference, a girly dress. "I don't think it's hugely pretty or anything, " she sniffed upon viewing her likeness, "so hopefully they will make a few changes." No doubt a troop of waxwork surgeons has been ordered already. . .