SUNDAYS are usually fairly subdued affairs for me.

After four nights of DJ-ing and club promoting, it's a day for taking things easy, zoning in and out. I find I move at about a third of my usual pace. Sunday is my only day off and I'm not in any hurry to be busy.

My girlfriend Emma lives about 30 seconds from The PoD, where we do Pogo on a Saturday night, and after the clearing up and winddown pints I'm usually crawling in to bed just as the city is waking up.

I'll snooze on for as long as I feel like but will normally be up between noon and two. Then it's into the kitchen for coffee and down to the shops beneath to get the papers. I won't chav-up by going out in my pajamas but I'll return to hang out in the house, eating toast and flicking through the satellite channels until I come to the same conclusion as always . . .

there's never anything on TV.

I find it hard to switch off and used to be crazy for working on Sundays . . .

logging on to see what's being said about our nights on the various clubbing forums. But I think having a girlfriend is a great antidote to that. Emma'll haul me out around town or distract me away from the computer. As our business has grown so has the administrative stuff we have to do, but I'll avoid it at any cost on a Sunday.

The only sort of work I'll do is DJ-ing, or throwing one of our Bodytonic BBQs that happen around bank holidays . . . all that is fun stuff. I might also listen to music on my decks, but that's hardly work.

We'll go for a wander in the early evening. I hate shopping at the best of times so won't do any on a Sunday but we might go for something to eat in CafeBarDeli, or meet friends in Bia Bar or Hogans. I used to be into Sunday clubbing but it doesn't appeal as much any more. I keep swearing that I will try something like kite surfing but when you get up mid-afternoon it's hard to schedule it in, especially at the moment when it's getting dark on my rising.

Occasionally I'll pop home for a Mammy dinner, bringing my big bag of laundry with me. Because we're celebrating our second year of Bodytonic this month with loads of guest DJs and things, there's been mountains to organize so my own domestic life hasn't been getting much attention.

I'm a night owl so don't normally get to bed much before about 2am, and when I do my mind is racing. I don't get the 'back to school blues' because I'm thinking of all that needs to be done and actually am looking forward to just getting stuck in to it on a Monday. Then, it's into the office for postmortems with my partner Trevor . . . we gave up having them on Saturday nights for obvious reasons! . . . and start booking DJs and getting stuck into the week ahead.

See, I'm already in work modef