Boz Boorer: new album

It's nine years since legendary rockabilly guitarist Boz Boorer released a solo record. Mind you, he has been very busy in his role as Morrissey's musical director, co-writing such classic songs as 'Speedway', 'Reader Meets Author' and 'Come Back to Camden'.

On top of that, he works as a record producer and as an occasional Polecat. The Polecats are still in demand in the US, Japan and Germany. Boorer has also worked with such luminaries as the late Kirsty McColl, Jools Holland and the San Antonio punk trio Girl in a Coma.

This week, his new album Miss Pearl will be launched at a gig in 12 Bar on London's famed Denmark Street. Having consulted with his friends as to their favourite songs, Boorer compiled 16 tracks, including such classics as The Ramones 'Rockaway Beach' (he's a major fan) and 'Yakety Yak'. The latter is a duet between Boorer and rockabilly singer Chrissie Lane.

And there are some other surprises on the album, most notably the appearance of 1980s New Romantic icon Adam Ant, who is the guest vocalist on the song 'Jungle Rock'. Boorer says that the song was originally intended as a charity record but was never released.

Among the highlights of his busy musical career to date, Boorer lists playing with David Bowie and Morrissey; producing the duet 'Interlude' by Siouxsie and Morrissey; appearing on Top of The Pops with The Polecats; and receiving a gold album in the UK for Morrissey's You Are The Quarry (2004), as well as doing a John Peel session with The Shillelagh Sisters.

He says 'Jack The Ripper' is his favourite co-authored song with Morrissey, explaining that it was "the first song and therefore very special." As well as giving a wide range of classic songs the rockabilly treatment, Miss Pearl includes Boorer's own compositions, such as 'B29 (Droppin' Bombs on Your Heart)'. He believes that the rockabilly scene remains very healthy and mentions Hi Voltage and The Excellos as current examples of bands who are making interesting records. Boorer will be very busy again in 2009 touring with the next Morrissey record Years of Refusal. But for now, his own new album should attract a lot of interest.

'Miss Pearl' is released on
Vibrant Records this week