Developer Liam Carroll is waiting on whether he can proceed with the proposed Anglo HQ

Developer Liam Carroll has submitted changes he plans to make to the skeletal structure earmarked as the new headquarters building of Anglo Irish Bank on Dublin's north quays. His North Quay Investments vehicle, which was developing the building and is in receivership, is currently awaiting a decision from An Bord Pleanála on whether it can complete the eight-storey building.

An Bord Pleanála had told Carroll that "the development is not fully in accord with property planning and sustainable development" and that it "presents certain difficulties".

These included the fact that no vehicular access from the road to the basement car park was included and that the omission from the planning application of an east-west road serving the development "would be prejudicial to the properly coordinated development of the block bounded by North Wall Quay, New Wapping Street, Mayor Street and Castleforbes Street, some of which is in the ownership of others".

Sean Dunne's North Wall Quay Property Development has appealed a decision by Dublin City Council to allow the scheme be completed. It initially took a court case against the development, stating that the planning permission was unlawful, a decision that was upheld by the courts.

It is understood that the company is still awaiting details of the new changes proposed to the skeleton building.

Dunne has also taken a case seeking to have the structure demolished as it is unauthorised. That application was adjourned pending the decision by An Bord Pleanála on whether to give the scheme the go-ahead.

Property sources have questioned why Anglo Irish Bank has not foreclosed on its loan for the development, pointing out the bank could make a profit if it sold the building as a sale and leaseback because Anglo is nationalised and therefore carries a state covenant which would be attractive to overseas funds in particular.