Slicker than ever: the GranCabrio will carry an expensive price tag

THE Maserati GranCabrio was launched in the UK this week and represents the very essence of Maserati in terms of open-top cars. It has all the style one would expect from the top Italian design studio of Pininfarina who looked after the bodywork.

The new model has a spacious interior with 4 full seats which affords enough space to the rear passengers to not feel too left out – something which is often missing in luxury models.

The convertible has the longest wheelbase in this exclusive market but it is what is under the bonnet that will make the wealthy open their cheque books. There is a 4.7 litre V8 440 bhp engine which puts out 490 Nm of torque through a 6-speed ZF automatic gearbox. The top speed is 175 mph and the 0 - 100 km sprint takes just 6 seconds.

The price, expected to be in the Lotto winners league, will be announced when the car goes on sale early next year and expect the mega-rich to sign up to get one.